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For my friends… June 30, 2010

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Over the course of the past year, many different groups have gotten to travel to Maria’s big house. You cannot enter these doors without falling in love with the children, often times one specific child. You cannot exit these doors without leaving a piece of your heart. I have had the privilege of traveling with 2 of the groups and had people that I love get to travel with some of the others. Today, I’m going to put up some pictures of the sweethearts that my friends have fallen in love with. (ok and maybe one or 2 of Theo). Enjoy!ok so i didn’t get to upload them all. We are having a terrible thunderstorm and there is absolutely no power in all of Luoyang (don’t know how I have internet???) My computer is dying so I will have to upload the rest later. It is really cool to watch but no airconditioning is making it miserable…and its only been 30 minutes.

Check out this link from the showhope blog to see the details about the surgeries that have been going on here this week. Truly amazing!

Sorry so short today…

Today has been the best day in China so far. I have loved every second of this day.

Love from China!


2 Responses to “For my friends…”

  1. Martha/Joanna/Frogirl/Marthena/Martina 😉 looks even bigger than when I saw her 2 weeks ago. Wow! I miss her sweet self so much. The 2 fingers that she always has in her mouth make me smile. Those cute brown eyes are our Father’s eyes. Thanks for the photo Fran! I miss those precious angels so much and know that you are loving every minute that you have holding them. I am praying for you everyday…praying for a comfortable uncomfortable (if that makes sense). I’m so proud of you for going way, way beyond easy! I’m missing you lots, as well as those wonderful treasures, and of course the milk and egg stars (haha). Tell Billips I said hey! That’s Mikey’s nickname. Call him Billips and tell me what his reaction is. haha! Love you and I’m sure I’ll skype with you in Motown. Nana Franzke and I are going to go to the Chick-fil-a and try to meet someone special 😉

  2. Carrie Hoover Says:

    I love all the sweet pictures you’re posting! My mom brought me my Maria’s House shirt yesterday!! I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it 🙂

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