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James 1:27

jesus and dramamine July 13, 2011

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i am not having the ability to blog as i wish. there has been 20 hours of travel down dirt roads in kenya in the past 2 days alone. we r tired amd feel beat up. but emotionally beat up more than anything. just driving alomg the roads of africa yesterday was eye opening…exactly like u would imagine from anything you have seen or read. but today we got to meet the people, and if u know me, thenu know i was most excited to meet the children.they came running andscreaming towards the van when we pulled up to the school. we immidiately started interacting with them, singing with them and loving on them.their eyes could brrak ur heart. i loved watching those chikdren playing with our children and seeing how chikdren interact the same way allover the world but jit was hard not to notice the ones, the ones that had no lumch to eat during lunch time, the ones that raised thier hands when asked who was an orphan. i choked back tears as i lead a group of over one hundred students in the song ” if ur happy and u know it””  beczuse those children have lttle reason to be happy but their joy is truly  evident. i met a young man, 20, brilliant, asking me abiut lifein the states. he spoke


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  1. Chris Andrews Says:

    Safe travels! will be praying for you

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