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James 1:27

showing hope to africa??? July 11, 2011

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Well here i am in mybedsurrounderd by mosqito nets, drenched in insect repelent but ever so thankfuk to have arrived healthy and unharmed. We got here in enough to,ime tonight to take a nice.shower and get into bed. This one will b shhort. I am unimaginably exhausted and trying to wrtie this on my nook. Africa does not seem so strage ro me yet. English speaking, warm.water, lots of.laughter. i thinki habe come with s respectful fear for this countryand inam already amazed by what the Lord has set out heere. Tomorow we travel 8 see and to dedicste the clinic candade has started. More tomoorrow! Love.from.nairobi


5 Responses to “showing hope to africa???”

  1. Sorry nothing on here was spelled right! Its hard to type on the nook but that’s all I thought I had….anyways LOVE FROM NAIROB!

  2. Carrie Hoover Says:

    I’m so glad you made it safely! I’m praying that the Lord uses you to reach out to the sweet people of Africa. Take lots of pictures so we can have an African Extravaganza when you get back!!! Love you much!
    Carrie (and Ansleigh)

  3. I thought for a moment you took an ambien and then wrote your blog!

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