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100 things I will miss about China (and one that I won’t) July 31, 2010

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The tears have officially started flowing. There is most likely no stopping them at this point. I went in to say good night to Theo tonight and give his night shift ayis their bracelets. Again, when the nurse told them I was leaving for America on Monday, they were so excited because they thought that Theo was going to America too. They did not understand how I could leave again and not take him with me. So, I cried. Understandably. The nurse told me that I reminded her of the Phil Collins song ‘You’ll be in my heart’ from Tarzan…it made me laugh at the time. But now that I have downloaded it from itunes and am sitting here listening to it by myself…I may or may not be crying again πŸ™‚

I am not writing a terribly insightful message tonight. I think that tomorrow night’s will most likely be heavy enough to suffice for two days. So…tonight I’m going to reflect a little on my stay here. Some will be serious and some will be with a hint of humor and sarcasm.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day…


1.) Theo (did you really think it would be anything else??)

2.) Milk and Egg Star Cereal

3.) walking up 12 flights of stairs when the power goes out

4.) the sweet smell of Maria’s House

5.) movies for a dollar

6.) Yuan, Quai, RNB…whatever you want to call it, using Chinese money is like playing monopoly

7.) My filipino nursing friends!

8.) sleeping in a room with no windows so I never know what time of day it is when I wake up

9.) playing involuntary charades when I am trying to communicate with people that don’t understand English

10.) Carissa’s beautiful, innocent smile.

11.) watching Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye every night after rounds

12) getting all dressed up to go to Pizza Hut (the nicest restaurant in town)

13.) Split pants

14.) brushing my teeth with a bottle of water

15.) people taking my picture and staring whenever I go ‘into town’

16.) the way Lebron giggles and sticks his legs straight out whenever he is happy

17.) Tsingtao beer

18.) The absence of diet coke…wait…I won’t miss that at all

19.) playing hopscotch in the streets in order to dodge the suspicious puddles

20.) the odor that fills the air whenever you walk outside

21.) Smog

22.) replacing 7 consecutive meals with Ramen noodles just so I don’t have to eat rice.

23.) not having to brush my hair

24.) the way martina is always sucking on her 2 little fingers

25.) Wall stickers

26.) Affordable art

27.) the excitement of waiting online at night to see who will get on first to skype me

28.) late night spiritual talks with Mikey

29.) blocked internet sites like facebook…youtube…foxnews

30.) the strange looks that I would get when I was out running ‘for fun’

31.) the view from the roof at Maria’s House

32.) enhancing my thigh muscles by using squatty potties

33.) a front row seat to watch the guy hawking loogies on the escalator at the Carrefour

34.) Jack’s big eyes

35.) the joyful uncertainty of not knowing if the water will be working on a daily basis

36.) the gummy fruits

37.) cute purses for less than 10 dollars

38.) how Asher runs down the hall whenever he sees me with his arms wide open to give me a hug

39.) unlimited green tea

40.) watching how the ayis love their babies

41.) blogging

42.) being the tallest person playing basketball after dinner

43.) watching tv with Theo

44.) walking a mile to get a cab and then praying I remember how to say where I’m going

45.) bargaining at the markets

46.) Lucas climbing into my lap and snuggling with me whenever I sit down in his room

47.) observing the shoppers at the grocery store

48.) 9 dollar 2 hour massages

50.) being around dozens of other people who love these children

51.) Judah saying ‘Ni hao’ over and over again when I am in the room b/c he knows thats about the only thing I understand

52.) Water banquet

53.) Jessica singing along to the Chinese kid’s sing a long video

54.) joking with Sharon about her crush on Mikey

55.) saying no to any ‘chicken’ that is offered to me

56.) hearing all the Chinese people that speak English call me their ‘friend’

57.) being able to observe how healthy and happy children like Michael and Carter are growing

58.) the way that Theo’s eyes disappear into little slits when he laughs

59.) taking my shoes off when I enter a place where someone lives

60.) being offered cigarettes as Β a show of hospitality

61.) being chased out of the Pizza Hut because the woman forgot to give us ketchup for our pizza

62.) Susie’s beautiful new smile since her cleft lip surgery

63.) enjoying the sport of dodging traffic while crossing the street

64.) knowing that I can walk down the stairs and kiss my baby whenever I want

65.) walking through the halls and hearing the mixed sounds of the laughter and crying of babies

66.) Jim motioning for me to bend over so he can kiss me on the lips.

67.) Egg Bread

68.) how excited the ayis get when an English song comes on the radio and they pull me in the room to hear it

69.) Constant Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys playing in the grocery store

70.) Carrying my own toilet paper everywhere I go

71.) Naming babies when they are admitted to Maria’s

72.) Rocking the precious little ones to sleep

73.) the disbelief of seeing infants riding on mopeds with no helmet

74.) the beauty of the country itself

75.) the smell of garlic and vinegar coming from the kitchen

76.) hearing the nurses singing all my favorite songs from the 80s on their karaoke machine

77.) silk worms

78.) watching Nash sleep

79.) when Theo says ‘mama’

80.) showing hope to china πŸ™‚

81.) getting excited when I recognize a Chinese word

82.) bad English translations on signs

83.) The sign that says ‘Cure female problem. Come to procreation hospital’

84.) the beautiful fireworks display that Mikey arranged on the roof…wait…that never happened.

85.) watching Theo learn to get around despite his handicap

86.) the friends that I have made here unexpectedly

87.) hearing the people at home say they miss me!

88.) walking through the aisles of the grocery store looking for anything familiar to cook

89.) ‘Parlor games’ on the roof

90.) The broken English that the nurses use that always sounds so cute

91.) feeling like I’m home

92.) Panda bears frolicking in the fields at day break (just kidding…just trying to see if anyone is still reading at this point)

93.) seeing the miracles on the ‘smile floor’ first hand!

94.) watching Juliana play on the playground

95.) having the option to ride the night train whenever I want

96.) Ryan’s cute little dimples

97.) Chinese kids in general

98.) trying to text on my Chinese cell phone

99.) kissing Theo goodnight and saying ‘wo ai ni’ (I love you) like I have every night for the past 40 days

100.) every second that I have been given to love these children, serve these people and do the work that I have been called to do.

Things I won’t miss:

1.) RICE!!!!

Love from China!!


6 Responses to “100 things I will miss about China (and one that I won’t)”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    praying for you as you leave part of your heart behind. love you!

  2. Amanda McElroy Says:


    Your time in China has seemed to be absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you how much I admire what you have been able to spend your summer doing, it was wonderful to be a small part of it. I’ll be praying for you as your trip comes to an end.

  3. Caroline Greene Says:

    Love #24!!!! I have been praying for you all day! Stay strong πŸ™‚ Love you!

  4. Dad Burgin Says:

    I am a little partial to #18 myself!

    We are praying for you today. It has been such a blessing to keep up with you through your blog — I feel like we’ve been able to share in your special journey. It is amazing to see how God has worked in you and through you these past 40+ days. Your growth can be seen in what you’ve written. I know that God has big plans for you – it will be fun for us to sit back and watch him work through you. Looking forward to catching up live!

  5. Mary Says:

    Love it all! Thinking of you and praying for your safe travels!

  6. Mary Nolan Says:

    I just LOVE all your pictures…they are absolutely precious!!!

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