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Lost in Translation July 29, 2010

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Seeing as how it is 5 am and I haven’t slept, you probably won’t be getting much out of me tonight. Today was emotionally draining. I can’t give you much more than that anyway…we went to the state run orphanage. I don’t have pictures from the inside, only of the group I am currently with on the outside. So since I don’t have pictures of the children there, I thought I’d offer you some of our beautiful children 🙂

I will say that a really cute little boy at the state run orphanage got very mad at me b/c he wanted me to read him a book. He kept yelling at me and holding this book out. He didn’t really get why I couldn’t understand him, so he got really close to my ear like he was going to tell me a secret and asked me to read the book again. I kept trying to tell him that I can’t read Chinese….but he couldn’t understand that. So, he just ended up throwing the book at me. It was funny and frustrating all at the same time.

The director of the orphanage took us around to show us the rooms where they do physical therapy with the kids and where their classrooms are. He took us to a room with a big round table where we could sit and ask him questions. Mikey was supposed to be our translator. To me, he speaks amazing Chinese. I am constantly in awe of him when we are out and he is using his international communication skills. However, he says that he has been told that he has the sentence structure and comprehension level of a third grader in Chinese. So when we would ask questions to the orphanage director, Mikey would loosely translate to him the question. The director would give a long and drawn out response. Mikey would then look at us all like he was telling us exactly what the director said, but really he was saying ‘I don’t understand anything he is telling me so just smile and nod’. It was a pretty funny situation.

When we came back to Maria’s this afternoon, I was playing with Theo (big surprise, I’m sure). I was singing ‘the itsy bitsy spider’ and doing the hand motions to it. He thought it was hilarious. Like, he was laughing so hard that his face was red and he was crying. His nanny was trying to figure out how to cross your fingers to make the spider part of the song. She could not get it at all. So then, the other three nannies join in, trying to learn the spider song. I was able to successfully teach them all the motions….but the words might have to come next summer. They weren’t quite catching on.

Although I wish I had gone to bed earlier, I had an incredibly ordained conversation with Candace Ashburn tonight and she is my new hero. She spoke great words of encouragement to me in regards to leaving this week. She also shared the story of her life and how it was shattered when her husband was killed in a translplant airplane crash. Candace had 3 kids unnder 5. What an amazing woman full of ever relevent spiritual truths. Gotta go to bed…ca’t spell anymoer



2 Responses to “Lost in Translation”

  1. Mary Says:

    What a beautiful mother you are to Theo and the other darlings there!!

  2. Caroline Greene Says:

    Love the picture of you and Martha!

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