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Laughter is the best medicine July 26, 2010

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Today was a fun day. I laughed a ton. I constantly marvel at the joy that these kids have. To look at the situation on paper…it wouldn’t look like there is a whole lot of reason to laugh. These kids don’t have families and most of them have crippling disabilities. But they are truly loved so well here that you can feel the joy and happiness by walking into a room. I call this place ‘The Disney World of Orphanages’…it really is!

I started off by having to go to the store this morning to get some final things for the group that arrived. By the time we got back from that adventure, we got word that three new babies were arriving. THat is an exciting and scary call to get b/c you never really know what condition they will be in. We got 2 girls and a boy. The nurses are awesome and always let me watch the examination of the new admissions. I have learned a lot about pediatric nursing and I have seen things I never thought I would have the stomach to look at and done things that I never thought I would need to do. For example, today, I gave my first enema. For those of you who know me well, this probably shocks you. It shocks me too. The nurses have been trying to get me to do one all summer. When it was over, Sharon looks up, triumphant and says (as if to a tv camera) ‘And we are the doctor’s of Grey’s Anatomy’ in an adorable Filipino accent. The nurses make me laugh a million times a day. And b/c they love me so much, they let me name the babies. The first baby is a downs syndrome girl. I named her ‘Caroline’ after the fabulous Caroline Greene. Next was a boy, a preemie, with a liver problem. I named him ‘Nash’….b/c I’m from Nashville. The last little girl is in palliative care and we named her ‘Sue’…after the show ‘Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.’ You may have never heard of it, but its fantastic and we watched all 50 episodes since I’ve been here.

After doing admission reports and various other paperwork and putting together welcome baskets for the arriving team, I took some time to do what I do best…play with the babies. Since Theo enjoyed the tv so much yesterday, I went and got him to watch some more. Only this time, instead of Korean soap operas, we watched Ratatoiullie…in Chinese! He LOVED it! Except for a couple of parts with gun shots( he cried) but other than that, he would laugh and clap and was attentive to the whole thing. He also enjoyed curling up with my baby blanket. (yes, my baby blanket. The one that this 27-year-old still sleeps with every night). He is about the only person in the world that I might give it to :). We played a lot tonight. I bought him another ball today. Now he has two…which might make his ayis crazy. When I went in there this evening, the balls were flying across the room and he was laughing so hard tears were rolling down his cheeks. His laugh is my favorite sound in the world.

I spent some time with the cleft babies today.  They are a wild, but very sweet bunch. They are completely playful and it requires a lot of energy to enter that room. I love the ayis in there b/c they are so proud of their babies that have just had their correctional surgeries. They line up wanting me to take pictures of their babies. Its adorable.

This picture is of Caroline…just getting here today, she doesn’t yet know about the joy and happiness that she can experience here…but she will. I can almost guarantee that by the time I leave next week, she will be looking much healthier and even smiling and hopefully laughing. It truly is the best medicine. I know because I have felt it myself this summer!

Love from China!


2 Responses to “Laughter is the best medicine”

  1. Mary Says:

    What precious faces those babies have!! I can’t believe you only have 1 more week left!!! Can’t wait to talk to you about your experience next month in TN!

  2. Caroline Greene Says:

    I feel so honored to have a sweet Chinese treasure named after me. You are amazing and I am so thankful to call you my “big sis.” I am praying for you everyday and praying that God has it in His plans for me to journey back to China and meet precious Caroline! I was telling my Aunt today how much I just love downs babies 🙂 Hopefully we will get to skype before you leave Maria’s. I am in New York so it might be a little bit harder. I love you more than you know and am blessed by the life you live.

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