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Mid-afternoon Shower July 24, 2010

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So….this entry may not be very lengthy, as I am sitting here at 10 o clock at night with no power. We haven’t had power since sometime after 4. 4 o clock this afternoon is when I decided to go for a run. I have learned that China is very hot and if its drizzling just a little bit, and you are planning on running sometime that day, go out in the drizzle. It is a great way to avoid extreme heat. Its a great plan most of the time. However, this afternoon, the drizzle turned into a full out torrential downpour about a mile and a half into my jog. I turned around and headed back to Maria’s House, getting more and more soaked by the second. My shoes quickly gain about 3 pounds of water and my socks are completely drenched. It then becomes painful to run, as my feet have now taken the form of raisins and my socks are rubbing my heels raw. I make a right onto the dirty little road that leads up to Maria’s. I know that some of the nurses went to get their nails done earlier so I am praying that they will be coming up the road in their taxi and see me looking like a drowned rat. A half a mile to go and no such luck. I contemplate trying to get a taxi myself but realize that I have no money with me and I don’t know how to explain to the driver that I would need to go into my house to get some money. I know that you’re probably thinking “She said she just has a half a mile to go, that’s not too bad.” Maybe not by normal standards…but this is a road that is most of the traffic comes from construction trucks. So as I am making my way home, I am being constantly splashed by the trucks driving by. Not to mention the fact that I am trying to see through the rain to avoid getting hit by a truck. When I finally get into Maria’s, all I can think about is getting these wet clothes off of me and getting into a warm shower. I press the button to go up on the elevator and the light does not come on. It is at this point that I realize that we have no power. I live on the 6th floor of a double flighted building. So now, I walk up 12 flights of stairs, leaving puddles behind. I knock on the door of Jona’s room to tell her that I am back and she reminds me that when the electricity is out, the water doesn’t run. Then she shows me the giant trash can of water in the bathroom and the bucket floating in it that I can use to ‘bathe’ myself in. Well I am soaked, half sweat/half water, and splattered from head to toe with a mixture of dirt and various other substances that have been splashed upon me from the road. So I decide that this trash can of water is better than nothing. About the time that I get out of the stall where I am ‘bathing’, any trace of remaining air conditioning in the building is gone…and no sooner do I dry off, then I am covered in sweat.

Now its 10 o clock at night…and I’m still sweating. Apparently due to the size of the storm and the amount of flooding in the area, the power could be off for days. We wont be flushing the toilets or enjoying cold beverages. All of our food will go bad. The babies are all hot and crying. The nurses are making up card games and playing connect 4. I am thanking Mary Beth for leaving me her book to read 🙂 and praying that when I wake up tomorrow, the power will be back on. Until then, I am wearing as little as possible and dreading the hot night of sleep that lies ahead. I don’t know how I have internet reception. The girls suggested that its coming from the prison next door. Thanks prison!

So while you are reading this, enjoy your air conditioning and your ice cold beverage. Go take a nice shower and think of me…sweating…in the dark…surrounded by the sound of very unhappy babies. Another China experience to always remember!

Love from China!


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