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Some work…mostly play July 19, 2010

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I definitely missed all my babies yesterday. I couldn’t get enough of them today. When I got up this morning, I went straight to Theo’s room. He was seriously squealing and rolling all over the floor b/c he was so excited. His ayis tried to tell me that he was looking for me yesterday and was sad all day. I played with him for a little over an hour…then of course there was the screaming as I left. I had to go upstairs to the office to wait for our two new admissions. They were brought in  by nannies from the state run orphanage. A little girl with hydracephalus and a little boy with malnutrition. Steven wanted the next boy named after him so I got to name the girl. I chose Peyton! Go Vols! Then I did the admissions reports, took the pictures of the new ones, and then took pictures of all the kids who just had their cleft lip and palate surgeries done. Then I had the rest of the day and I got to play with all my loves! I spent time in the Tinkerbell room with Carter, Labron, Lucas, Jim, Jesicca, Martine and Juddah. I bought the nannies nail polish b/c they are some of the younger nannies and they are always interested in my nails and hair and everything. They were so excited and started painting all the little girls nails and then painting each others. It was cute! Then I went to the 4th floor to see Carissa, Ryan, and Jack. They are such sweethearts. Carissa always smiles when you come in and Ryan wants to laugh and be played with. Jack surprised me today by rocking out in the Titans onesie that I sent Theo last year that he grew out of. Good to see they support hand-me-downs! Go Titans! Then I had to stop by Asher’s room just to get a hug from him. All I have to do is open the door and he runs right to me and throws his arms around my neck. Then it was back up to Theo’s for me. We played so muc today. He was so silly and funny and I just am in love with his personality. There is always a great amount of chaos in the room during feeding time. The kids all want to eat but the nannies can only feed one at a time. So While theo’s nannie is feeding someone else, I try to keep him entertained enough to forget he wants food. THen when he is eating, I try to see if there is a nother nanny I can help. Tonight, Michael was crying uncontrollably so I went over and got him and rocked him for an hour. He never went to sleep but was peaceful the whole time. He loves to be held and I love being able to show him that kind of affection. Of course, Theo sat under the rocking chair, on guard for when I would be done with Michael. I laid Theo down to go to sleep and I kept patting his belly and he would rub my hand with his eyes closed and just whisper ‘mama’ over and over again. I think I’m dealing with this pretty ok now…but this time next week, I will most likely be a sobbing mess trying to figure out how to get this boy home with me. (don’t worry. I know the realities. I remind myself of them everyday. Too bad I’m a strong advocate for beilieving in miracles)

For dinner, Mariah managed to have a box of velveeta mac and cheese. It was heaven. We also had pringles and oreos. But we got so desperate for a salad that we chopped up raw cabbage and put dressing on it. My favorite meal in a while.

That’s it for today. I did laundy which was exciting. I have a little work to do in the morning before going to lunch and to get facials!

2 weeks from now I will be in Beijing, the night before coming to the states. That does not make me happy. At all. I love it here.

Love from China!


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  1. Caroline Greene Says:

    Fran!!!! Your blog makes me so happy every day that I read a new post! I loved your picture of Martha! She always has those 2 fingers in her mouth. Maybe I should start calling her Martine now since that’s her real name…haha. I love your play-by-plays with Theo. The relationship you have with him makes me smile and makes me wish that you could bring him home in two weeks. I will be praying for you as I know these last couple weeks will be hard. Love from Brentwood 😉

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