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Loving my little one July 17, 2010

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Things have been so crazy around here the past several days that I haven’t gotten to spend as much time with Theo as I would like to. I made sure to be with him as much as possible today. When I went into his room the first time, he was having breakfast. He turned around when he heard the door open and when he saw me, he got so excited that he squealed and started shaking. We had a lot of fun playing this morning. He laughed so much. I  think his laugh is the sweetest sound in the whole world. He starts laughing and smiling so hard that his eyes squint so much that they just look like little slits. I love it. He tries to copy everything I say and do. He definitely knows the word for ball and always says it when he wants to play. I told him that I loved him in Chinese today and he said it back. Now, I don’t know that he knows what it actually means…but it was still nice to hear. When it was time for his nap, I went to the nurses lounge to watch tv and Asher was in their hanging out with them. He fell asleep on my lap and we took a nap on the couch together. When he woke up, he was so freaked out that he wasn’t in his crib, he started crying. It was pitiful. The nurses fixd a philipeno dinner tonight in honor of Lily’s birthday. It involved Chinese beer and karaoke. That’s how the Philipeno’s like to party 🙂 After the party,  I went to spend some more time with Theo before he went to sleep. He was getting his bath so I picked up Michael and rocked him for a while. He’s so tiny and pitiful (little boy in the blue outfit from the picture with me a few days ago) and he completely breaks my heart. When Theo came back in, he was not having the fact that I was holding another kid at all. I laid Michael down on a mat so that I could pat his little back while I played with Theo. Theo crawled over with a strong look of intent in his eyes and smacked Michael in the head. I tried to teach him how to pat him gently and ‘love the baby’ but instead, Theo just laid down beside him and tried to act just like him so that I would pat him too. It was kind of adorable. Then, when Michael would start crying, Theo would as well. But it was a very fake, forced cry. I said to Mariah tonight, ” didn’t know I could spoil an orphan…but I’m pretty sure that I have!” Then I said goodnight and the real crying ensued. Again, I am just baffled by the relationship that i have with this little boy and will always feel in my heart that he is my very own. I know that I love him as well as I can right now and would do anything for him. Sorry that all you got today was a play-by-play of me and Theo, but that’s pretty much what the day consisted of.

I hear there is a pretty good chance that I’m going to get to have a massage and facial tomorrow so I’m pretty excited about that. However, I’m not going to get my hopes up  b/c the last time Mikey made a promise like that, I ended up with no fireworks on the 4th 🙂

Also, as I am looking my last 2 weeks here in the face, I am trying to figure out something small I could get Theo’s nannies to thank them for being so wonderful to him…so, any of my friends reading this who have been to Maria’s House and might have any ideas, pass them on!

Love from China!


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  1. Darcie Says:

    J- Theo may not know exactly what he’s saying when he tells you he loves you but it’s clearly evident by his actions that he loves you just as much as you love him!

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