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Hard day at Maria’s July 14, 2010

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I knew when I came here that not every day would be a happy day. There is too much reality in this building for me to believe otherwise. I also know that I never come home from China with any more answers, only more questions. Questions that will never be answered on this side of heaven. While I cannot write to you about so much of the heartache, I can ask you to pray for me. Pray that God will give me some peace about the big picture in all of this. Pray for the children. Always pray for them.

I will tell you that the little guy in the first picture today is Ryan. You probably notice the rather large places on his skin that look like moles. Its actually malignant melanoma. He is such a sweet little guy. I got to spend some time with him today and it was fun to make him smile. I wonder if your first day at Maria’s Big House is kind of like your first day of school?

The next picture is of me holding little Michael. What a precious little boy! He is in Theo’s room. We aren’t exactly sure what’s going on with him yet  but the Dr. thinks he has cerebral palsy. I held him while he slept for 2 hours today. It was so obvious that he loved the feeling of being held tightly. However, Theo did NOT like me holding another baby. He was on the other side of the room and pulled himself over on his arms as fast as he could, started pulling at my pant leg and screaming ‘MAMA!’ then he proceeded to put his head in my lap on top of Michael. All the nannies were laughing b/c they all knew he was jealous. I’ll admit, its kinda nice to know he loves me like that! 🙂

I really can’t state enough how much I have enjoyed spending time with the Chapman family and getting to know them more. We all went to Pizza Hut tonight (another rice free day!) and then Mary beth and i went shopping together which was a lot of fun. I bought some children’s split pants. I Know that I have told so many of my friends about the split pants when I’ve been in china. But just talking about them does not do the situation justice. So, now I have a real life example to show. I’m also pretty excited b/c Mary beth gave me an early copy of her new book ‘Choosing to See’ that comes out on September 1st. If any of you all are enjoying reading about my journey on here, you will have to buy her book to hear their incredible story.

We got a new group in today. Donors from Texas. They are 2 families and they brought their kids with them. Mikey and I will be spending the next couple days entertaining these kids in activities we have planned. Tomorrow- birthday party for Everyone!! haha

So, while I can’t share why my heart is so heavy tonight with you all, I can say that I am so thankful for the HOPE that we have! Keep the prayers coming…and I thought I would leave you with my favorite picture of the day!

Love from China!


7 Responses to “Hard day at Maria’s”

  1. Carrie Hoover Says:

    Oh Joanna,
    I just don’t know how your heart can handle some of the things there in China but I do know that the Lord is using you in incredible ways to bless each and every baby, child, and person you come in contact with over there. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers! I can’t wait to see the split pants…how much did you pay for them?!! Can we put them on Ansleigh when you get back and take a picture?!! haha Well keep blogging for us.
    Love you
    Carrie (and Ansleigh)

  2. Tonya Kelley Says:

    Some days are just days you need to know you are lifted up in prayer and supported. May God bless you with an extra layer of strength and love as you work today. I don’t know if my heart could handle witnessing the reality of life that you are so close to right now. Love and Prayers to you, those precious angels and China. Tonya K.

  3. Caroline Greene Says:

    That picture of you and Theo is the greatest thing ever! I am praying for you as always. Love you!

  4. Kathie Franzke Says:

    I’m sorry I missed Skyping with you today, but I did have a good time with Caroline. How cheesy are we? We couldn’t resist Karate Kid. 🙂
    I’m sorry It’s been a hard day. I know I can’t even imagine, but you are never away from my thoughts and prayers. You are touching so many lives, here as well as there, and I am so very proud of you. I love you.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    Am writing a long note and sending it as a message via facebook — apparently lighting struck something that threw out the servers at school, so I can’t log on to that email — maybe I will try my new AT and T email, which I have never used…at any rate — am trying, and also intend to get registered to Skype…this is my project at my computer, right now — love you much — thinking about you on this hard day:)

  6. Ryan Hubbard Says:

    RYAN IS BEAUTIFUL! And I’m probably a little partial. 🙂
    Just from seeing the pictures, I want to e-dopt these babies… I can’t IMAGINE how hard it must be loving them day after day, then having to part ways. But you are able to provide a joy they would never have were it not for your willingness. Keep up the awesome work. Sorry for the tough times. Stay strong.

    MBC’s book… the perks!


  7. Ryan Hubbard Says:

    Also… Beverly says hello.

    (she hit the ‘submit’ button).. really.

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