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James 1:27

Its a Big Big House! July 13, 2010

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Come and go with me to my Father’s House…Its a big, big house with lots and lots of room…there’s a big, big table with lots and lots of food…there’s a big, big yard where we can play football…its a big, big house. Its my Father’s house! I’m sure that a lot of you guys remember that song from youth group. I can remember singing it with the hand motions and having so much fun with my friends on Wednesday nights. I never dreamed that I would be in an orphanage in China singing that song with SCC to the the beautiful kids who are completely entranced by his voice and the guitar. It was incredible to watch their eyes fixated on him. The nannies also came in to listen. It was really one of the sweetest things ever. The love that the Chapman family has poured over these heaven sent angels is a true testment to their faith and the mission of this minstry. We played with kids in the preeschool, took sme outside and loved on them in their rooms. We were blessed with 2 new admissions today, Michael and Ryan. I will tell you more about them later but I will tell you that I named Ryan after my incredible friend Ryan Hubbard, who has given me incredible stregnth and encouragement over the last month…so the least I could so is name a beautiful, broken orphan in his honor.

After the excitement of the new admissions, we went to mcdonalds. This was actually terribly exciting. No rice involved. And then we shopped a bit and I bought some more DVDs for a dollar and the most amazing socks ever. All I can say is they have Obama’s face on them. If I love you, you will receive a pair.

We went to Carrefour to putchase things for our rooftop concert party. We bought tons of ice cream but b/c there were no toppings, we just bought nutella and peanuts, It worked out well. So we’re all on the roof of Maria’s Big Big House of Hope and Steven starts taking requests. So we got t hear all the favorites. I requested Divin in for the old school crowd, then Spring is Coming b/c it is incredibly beautiful and a song that I have never heard called ‘one heartbeat at a time;. I haven’t shed many tears on this trip but did during that I certainly did. Its about a young woman who is changing the world one heartbeat at a time. Listen. Its beuatiful. Then, the nurses requested Cinderella, which is such a difficult song for him anyway as it was written for Maria. And then for him to be singing is on the roof of Maria’s House….quite a bit overwhelming. We were s appreciative that he wold bless us with his gift. Its amazing. This is the most incredible , godly family ever, but in such a real way. I cannot praise them or the work they do enough.

We also got 2 new admissions today. I will talk about them tomorrow after I spend some time with them and get them pictures!!

I love you and miss you all! So glad I got to skype with my mom, Lauren and Caroline for a long time tonight. Yu all made me feel right at home!



2 Responses to “Its a Big Big House!”

  1. Ryan Hubbard Says:

    Oh my goodness. When I got your text about Ryan, I was excited, but when I read your blog just now- I have to admit- I got a little more than misty-eyed. I don’t get that way very often. That is so nice of you, Joanna. I can’t wait to see him. Tell him I say, “Wo ai ni.” That’s all I remember from conversations with you. haha.

    Also, I can’t imagine the feeling of hearing SCC sing Cinderella on top of Maria’s Big House. It was an experience just reading it. I cannot fathom what it must have been like to stand there.

    Enjoy every second of this. You are doing incredible things.

    -ryan (the american one). 🙂

  2. Tonya Kelley Says:

    What an amazing and special day! Your day made me weepy as I read about it and I can’t imagine experiencing it. You are a gift, not only to those little angels but to my family. My husband Garry, and my 3 boys all are now reading and looking for more news about the kids in China in Maria’s house. (My 7 year old wants to go see Maria’s house and meet the children there and then bring home a little brother……so he’s not the youngest anymore and he can take care of him!) You are truly doing the Lord’s work and thank you again for allowing my family to watch your work! Lots of love and prayers to you and China! Tonya Kelley

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