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Clean up on aisle 5 July 12, 2010

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Grocery shopping. The best I can do tonight is grocery shopping.It is 2 am. I am completely exhausted and up way past my bedtime. I cannot even pretend to be deep or insightful this evening. I know I have not been a very good blogger this week and I promise, I’ll get back to it. But the past few days here have just been too busy to do anything. Being sick was no fun at all and I recovered in just enough time to get things ready for this group that we have coming in in a couple days. Mariah and I got up this morning and went on a 3 hour grocery shopping venture today. Grocery shopping in china is not easy. Nothing looks the same. Nothing is organized in any kind of logical way. I just walk around the store looking for things that I might recognize. Meat is sold over here like vegetables are sold in the US. Everything is sitting out. Piles of ground beef. Raw wings. Chicken breasts. All in open air. YOu just get a bag and put as much meat in it as you want and then take it to get weighed. The international foods section consists of cheerios, pickles, and hunts ketchup. I wouldn’t exactly call that well rounded. Add to this, the children and adults who are constantly staring at you simply b/c you are a foreigner and the little children wearing split pants letting it all hang out.

I’m also incredibly suspicious of restaurants here. A lot of time the menu will just say ‘meat’ and never tell you exactly what kind of meat it is. I avoid ‘meat’ alltogether. That’s why I eat so much rice.
The Chapmans came back today after a brief trip to other parts of China. Its been fun to hang out with them without a big group here. Steve took his guitar around to the rooms today and played for the kids. They loved it! I have a lot of pictures but didn’t have a chance to upload them yet. We all went out to dinner tonight and then came back here and I watched Paul Blart, Mall cop with Steve, Marybeth and the girls. Not the best movie, but I’ve seen worse. Its just fun to hang out with the Chapmans. They are the most incredible family of faith. I got to talk to Steve and Marybeth for about 4 hours just me and them tonight. I value every second I can spend with them and admire the strength that they have that can only come from their genuine and sincere faith.

I guess that’s it for today…I told you it wasn’t exciting. But I did give you pictures of some beautiful children 🙂

I’m particularly fond of the one below…wouldn’t this make a lovely Christmas card?? Oh…I Wish.

Love from China!


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