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James 1:27

Blah and Chi-ku July 10, 2010

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Sorry friends, I will not be giving much of a blog today. I’ve been pretty sick since I woke up and stayed in bed all day. I do not think this was a case of bad water but an actual bug of some sort. Thank God for the antibiotics that my doctor gave me before coming. I didn’t get to see the kids today as I did not want to give them anything I might have. And I’m not gonna lie, rice is not bad when you are sick and need to eat something bland. Pray that I will wake up tomorrow feeling much better than I did today. I hate a wasted day like this. I will however, give you my daily chi-ku.

Sick in China. Gross.

Thank God I’m near some nurses.

For once, I like rice.

Love from China!


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