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A comfortable Routine July 9, 2010

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While it would be very difficult for me to call life here ‘normal’, it is actually beginning to seem more that way. I feel completely at home here at Maria’s House and so thankful everytime I walk up and down these halls.  When I wake up in the morning, I grab my starbuck’s via packet (thanks to the Burgins for the fabulous gift card which allowed me to bring enough for every day that I’m here, sometimes for 2 cups a day), I go downstairs to the second floor to the volunteer kitchen and pour a bowl of milk and egg stars and use the vaccuum sealed milk that is always in the fridge (I do miss my skim milk and special k!). After that, I typically go across the hallway and visit one of the cleft palate/lip rooms and hang out with Asher, Suzy, Oliver or Grace. Then I go see my little guy. I know that I have to make it in there by 11 or he will be down for his nap. While the kids are sleeping, I go to the 4th floor and spend some time in the office doing any kind of random job that Mikey has given me or just checking my email. Sometimes I will eat lunch with the nurses and we’ll watch a movie (today, Mariah made me a grilled cheese sandwich and a banana smoothie. I felt very lucky to have and American friend! And then we watched ‘How to train your dragon’.) After the kids wake up, it is playtime again. Some afternoons I will take some of the kids into the kindergarten for a craft project. I took Jim in there today and I got out everything I could find in the closet that was green and we made a very green picture. I feel confident that Jim can recognize and say green after that. There was a lot of glitter involved and he was terribly upset when we could not get it all off his hands. When it gets close to dinner time, I will go into the rooms with the smaller babies and hold them and play with them while their nannies are feeding and changing the others. ( I am beyond impressed with the ayis (nannies) here and have great intentions of blogging about them soon. When the smaller kids are asleep, I like to go up to Theo’s room and try to catch him before he goes down. Many times I just lay there beside him and scratch his back until he drifts off. I wish I could do that every night. Basketball has started to become an evening activity for us. I really enjoy playing with the nurses b/c I am way taller than all of them and can typically make just about all the shots that I take. Watching that is actually very funny. Many times I will look up to the third floor and Theo’s ayi will be holding him up to the window and he will be waving at me as I play. This is one of my new favorite moments of the day. Tonight, I went for a run after basketball. I ran too far, it started to rain, I got a little lost and I’m pretty sure I just about got run over by a truck. When in China…pedestrians do NOT have the right of way.  While I shower and put on my pjs and check up on the news and everything that is going on back home, the nurses are finishing their evening rounds and giving meds and enamas! We usually eat dinner about 9 (bet you can guess what we had)…then we all settle in for a movie. We have quite the selection now that I have purchased about 30 of them for a dollar a piece. Although, I bought way more war movies than I intended to and the nurses aren’t really into that. Tonight we watched Home Alone. Made me miss my family and my home a little.

While I can confidently say that I’m not homesick at all, there are things about home that I miss and I know I have plenty of reasons to come back. So for all of you who have written me asking me if I am or not…I am fairly certain that my plane will land with me on it on August 3rd. I just wish there was gonna be a little guy with me. And no, I don’t mean some strange Chinese man that I met while over here haha. I have gotten that concern from friends as well. I miss my friends, I miss wine night with Lauren and the Bachelorette. I miss Chili’s with Ryan and Lindsay. I miss Sami and Jovi a crazy amount. I miss helping my mom and my sister plan her wedding. I miss watching my dad stress about the money for the wedding haha. So yes, I miss you all and I will be coming home. But my heart does not ache for home in the same why that I’m sure it will ache for this place when I get back. I’m not homesick. I’m very much at home and comfortable in my routine. These children are currently the joy of my life and the new friends I am making will be lifelong. Again, I can only thank God for this incredible opportunity and asked that I am shown daily what I must do in the lives of these children. Thank you for your prayers, love and support.

Love from China!


2 Responses to “A comfortable Routine”

  1. Kathie Franzke Says:

    Thanks for reassuring me. I needed that. I do miss you terribly. Love you!

  2. Morgan Minnich Says:

    What cute pics!!!So glad you are having such a good time. Such a blessing you have been able to share your love with so many!!!! Keep thinking about calling you on my way to work and then I remember your in China. Miss you!! See you in August.

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