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the sweetest smiles July 8, 2010

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so please forgive me for the size and quality of these photos. They were taken on my phone and uploaded from there due to the computer difficulties that I am experiencing. Hopefully I will figure something out in the next day or so…b/c it took me like an hour to come this far.

Its been a completely disgusting and dreary day in louyang. The nurses and i were supposed to go get 10 dollar facials this morning but 2 of them would not go out in the rain so we settled on wal-mart and mcdonalds for entertainment. It was so nasty outside that my decision to wear shorts turned out to be a very bad one. See, Chinese children wear these ‘split pants’ and they are pants with a slit down the rear of them so that when a child needs to go, they simply squat and go. So when it rains and there are liquids splashing on your legs, you aren’t really sure what the origin of the wetness is. But walmart was fun. I bought some apples so I was excited about that. I also went to the ‘international foods’ section and bought some pasta and spaghetti sauce. I suppose I will save that for a special occasion. Imported goods such as these are very expensive šŸ™‚

I spent some time on the cleft lip/palate floor today. Those children seriously have the sweetest smiles pre and post surgery. If you don’t know about the exciting surgeries that took place at maria’s last week, check out the blog at for details on that. I don’t have the names of many of these kids down yet but I know Grace and Ella and Oliver and Asher very well. Some of you have seen these guys on the show hope blog. I got to spend the most time with Asher today and he is one of the funniest kids I have ever met in my entire life. He has the best facial expression, the brightest eyes and a mischievous personality. We played peek-a-boo for quite some time and everytime I covered my face, he acted equally surprised. At one point, I was playing with the pretty little girl in the picture above and Asher had back all the way up into the far corner of the room and charged me to give me one of the best hugs ever. After I left, he sneaked out and started running through the hall to find me. When I turned the corner to come back down the hall, he started shreiking. It was hilarious. These children are all so unique and extraordinary. Its so funny, the more time that I spend here, the more I get to know the moods of each room. Asher is definitely the life of the party in his room.

Theo has become fascinated with sticking his tongue out, blowing, and spitting everywhere. He seems to find it completely hilarious. I don’t enjoy it so much. I’m not completely sure where the oral fixation stage fits in to child development…but I think he may be a little behind in this department. All he wants to do it touch his mouth and laugh at the spit.

Its about time for dinner and a movie, which seems to be the nightly ritual here. I haven’t had rice today…so maybe I’ll get lucky and there will be some at the table. Apparently the nurses had it for breakfast. I have an apple. And for that, I am happy.

Love from China!


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