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Having a ‘Ball’ July 2, 2010

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This morning all the Americans left Maria’s (the Chapmans and the medical team). I was a little worried that I might get lonely today…but that didn’t happen. The Phillapino nurses invited me for a day of shopping and pedicures! It was so much fun. And pedicures are less than 2 American dollars here. Crazy. We ate at an Indian restaurant and I had never had Indian food before. Truthfully, I am just thankful for anything that is not Chinese right now. Tonight, the girls made dinner and we sang karaoke. Apparently thats the big thing here. It was pretty funny. Now it is almost 1 am and way past my Chinese bedtime. I am exhausted so this is a short one tonight.

We got 2 new admissions here today.  One is a little girl who is a heart baby. Another is a little 10 day old boy named Evan. Evan was found in a trashcan and had worms all over his head and in his ears. It is heartbreaking to hear/see these stories. It is completely overwhelming to know that this happens all over the world. Pray for healing for Evan and that he will pull through and survive, coming from the most horrific of circumstances into the safe haven of Maria’s.

At the store today, I bought Theo a little ball of the world. He is pretty much obsessed with it and learned the word ‘ball’ very quickly. I’m almost positive that we played with it for 2 hours nonstop this evening. I guess its the little things. I love that kid. I’d give him the whole world if I could, but for now I guess I’ll have to settle for a tiny plastic one.

Love from China!


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