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Don’t drink the water July 1, 2010

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Every American in Maria’s House is sick. And thats all I’m going to say about that.

Today has been a pretty interesting day despite everyone’s frequent trips to the bathroom. I spent the morning watching the Chapman girls while their parents and the medical team went to the state run orphanage and the hospital. ( the hospital staff took the medical staff out to lunch and seriously served them cow penis soup. I’m glad I stayed behind for that outing ) Dr.Joyce Hill was also here this morning. She and her husband are the people who started the New Hope Foundation in China and who have partnered with Steve and Marybeth to make all this happen here. It was really cool to have some one on one time with her to talk about the kids and how this started and where they dream of it going. I knew that her job was a huge undertaking but hadn’t really thought about all the decisions that had to be made on a daily basis. As I was sitting here talking to her, she was receiving email updates about children from other units and children who have had surgeries. She told me about a little boy with a tumor on his head that had surgery several days ago. He had been put on life support and couldn’t breathe when he was taken off the respirator. She had to make the decision to take him of the machines and let him go. I cant imagine having the burden of those type of decisions being on me on a daily basis. Please pray for Dr.Joyce as she continues her ministry and seeks wisdom in the choices that she has to make.

I have also really enjoyed spending time with Mary beth Chapman. Most of you know that she is my hero. She has such a genuine heart and passion for these orphans. I admire her tremendously. It was so nice to talk to her and Dr.Joyce together and hear how God brought them together and worked the pieces of Maria’s House together. I spoke with them about fostering babies who come to America short term with a medical visa in order to receive surgery at Vanderbilt…if I can’t be in China all the time, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little bit of China come to me?

Before dinner tonight Steven played a few songs and prayed with the Drs. He is so talented and compassionate and one of the most peaceful people I have ever met. It is always a joy to listen to him sing.

After a fantastic dinner at the pizza hut, I had to go buy milk and water b/c we are out here at Maria’s. I volunteered to do this on my own without thinking that I didn’t know where to locate either of these items at the Carrefour. So I get my shopping cart and start making my way around the store. The water was fairly easy to spot b/c it is so similar to the American packaging of water. However, the milk here is in these little boxes and not even kept in the refrigerator. I had no idea where to locate it. So I just pushed my cart around continually yelling MILK!! MILK!! I figured that eventually someone would understand some English and help me. I got even more odd looks than usual but finally some giggly teenage girls led me to the milk.

I took some of the kids to kindergarten today. They loved it. We played, colored, used instruments, had a puppet show and got out some play dough…until the kids started eating it. It was so good to see what a little bit of stimulation can do for them. They are so smart. They just need opportunities. I can’t imagine how they would thrive with a loving family and one on one attention. I don’t think there is a greater gift that someone can give in life than the gift of adoption. What a tremendous sacrifice and blessing wrapped into one. I think about it every day and can’t wait until it becomes a gift that I Can give.

Every night after dinner I go in to see Theo and kiss him goodnight. Over the past 6 days it has become a ritual and he knows I’m coming. He is always looking at the door until I walk in. I just laid there with him tonight and gently rubbed his head until he went to sleep. Then, as I would carefully make my way to the door, his eyes would open wide and he would start to cry…so of course I would go back. We went through this routine several times until he was deep asleep. I feel a little guilty sometimes b/c I know this only bring him some temporary happiness. In a little over 4 weeks I’ll be gone and I hate to think of him sitting there, looking for me at night. But, what do I do? Is it selfish for me to create routines with him while I am here? If I didn’t know that God had orchestrated this love that Theo and I share, I would feel like it was some sort of cruel joke. And I still don’t think its entirely fair. I know that my hands are tied, not only can I not financially support an adoption at this point, but the Chinese government won’t allow it. So there is my ‘I want to bring my baby home’ rant for the day.

I’m gonna go to bed now. I’m having the time of my life.

Love from China!


7 Responses to “Don’t drink the water”

  1. Heather Wright Says:

    Did you know your blog has a rate this at the bottom? What am I supposed to do…give you 5 stars because you got to hang out with the Chapmans and have your own private concert or give you one star because the water is making everyone sick? This is confusing! Thank you for blogging! I look forward to it every day! Tell SCC that I am his biggest fan and have seen him in concert a million times! I miss you friend!

  2. Kathie Franzke Says:

    I had read your blog this morning about your own Steven Curtis Chapman concert in a kitchen at Maria’s House. So you can imagine when I walked into a shop this afternoon and heard his voice singing “Cinderella,” it gave this Mom cold chills and a big lump in her throat. Love you!

  3. Bonnie hall Says:

    As I hold my baby in my arms, rockng her to sleep, reading your blog aloud to her, tears fall down my face. Why do I get to rock my baby every night and you do not? It does not seem fair. But God is doing something in your life and in Theo’s. Is it cruel to develop these routines when you know they will end in four weeks? I do not know. All I know is that we must love with all our heart and not hold back because it may end someday. Your love for Theo a d his return love is beautiful. I pray earnestly and continually that God will allow you to bring him home one day…. One day soon.

  4. Tink Says:

    is the tape behind Theo’s ear there because he had his shunt routinely checked for proper functioning? Or are you allowed to share that kind of med. info?

  5. janet laws Says:

    Joanna – I have loved reading your entries – catching up on your adventure – You are amazing! Thank you for you love and compassion – Your grace shines thru your pictures. You are truly touching lives and changing them for the better – continued good work and I will keep reading. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily – see you soon – Janet

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