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When in China… June 28, 2010

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Today is going to be short b/c I am so completely exhausted. I am not really sure if the jet lag is catching up with me or if I’m tired from playing so much. I rocked Theo to sleep for nap time and at night for bed time. I really have to stop doing that because I don’t want his life to be interrupted when I leave in 5 weeks…but its really hard not to when I think about the fact that he has been deprived of that his entire life. But I think I am spoiling him. He likes the sound of my voice. When I’m rocking him, I have to constantly talk or sing and if I stop, he starts to wimper. So I just keep talking til he’s out. I was doing some work in the office today on some of the kid’s computer charts and of course, I read anything I can about him. From everything I can tell, he’s completely normal mentally. And I believe it. He seems to be so smart and alert and full of personality. That has been a huge relief over the past couple days b/c I hadn’t been totally sure of that before. Ok I have written way more than I intended to. All I really wanted to leave you with were a few observations made today as I went about my Chinese business.

When in China:

…don’t ever go for a run at 3 o clock in the afternoon in June.

…if you do go for a run, expect people to stop their cars and look at you and for men on motorcycles to stop and offer you a ride. They do not understand why people would choose to run in this kind of heat.

…it is completely acceptable for your child to have diarrhea on the sidewalk and for you to just simply wipe it up.

…if you are an American and you go to the store, anticipate that little children will follow you around saying ‘hello’ 5 million times.

…the most expensive bottle of wine at the store was 2 American dollars. I bought it.

…there is no diet coke.

…Pizza does not taste like pizza.

…Children can ride on motorcycles. Without helmets. Infants included.

…showers are always cold.

…when men get hot, they roll their shirts up  and expose their stomachs. No matter where they are.

…naked children are ok in public under the age of five.

…lanes on the road are just suggestions. They do not need to be followed.

and oh yeah…I got to watch a cleft palate surgery today 🙂

Love from China!


2 Responses to “When in China…”

  1. I was constantly laughing throughout this! I just LOVE you! Here are my directions for you to find you warm shower:
    1. Come out of the elevator on the 6th floor
    2. Turn RIGHT not left
    3. Go into the bathroom and take a WARM shower

    For the first couple days I took cold ones too until everyone said the other bathroom had warmer showers. Haha! Give Martha some hugs for me! She’s in the Tinkerbell Room!

  2. Shannon Frost Says:

    No diet coke? I would never go there.

    Avery says, “ftfxzzdddyyrrrfffffg jgfeasgj”

    Love to you!

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