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Blog titles are the hardest part June 27, 2010

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I have absolutely no problem coming up with things to say about the events of my day, but I always find myself sitting here for like 15 minutes trying to come up with a title…so please excuse the fact that this one is lacking.

I slept 12 hours last night. Finally a good night’s sleep. My room has no windows so that is  very helpful in ignoring the fact that the sun comes up at 4am. I got up and went downstairs to spend some time with Theo. Yesterday, I taught him the word ‘belly’. He thought it was very funny when I would poke him in the stomach and say belly. So he started doing it. When I went in this morning I said ‘where’s your belly?’ He poked himself in the stomach and said belly. So cute. I also taught him how to give a high five today. When I put my hand up, he smacks it and says ‘five’. He loves to copy anything that I do. As you can see in the picture, whenever I’m laying on my stomach and rest my chin on my hand, he does the same. I think its the cutest thing in the world. I just went in to say goodnight and he was throwing some sort of fit to his nanny. She handed him to me and he stopped crying. I rocked him in the chair and sang to him and told him how famous he was in the US. I talked to him about what his life would be like there. Its difficult for me not to hope for that even though I know its truly an impossibility. As I watched him fade off to sleep, I can’t imagine that I could ever feel any more like a mother.

The other pictures today are of Lebron and Jim(the one with me in it). Lebron is a sweet downs syndrome baby that some of you know from our trip here last year. He has grown so much and is walking now. He is happy all the time and really enjoys watching Chinese Looney Tunes. Jim has a skin disease which causes blisters and scabbing when there is any kind of trauma to the skin. By trauma I mean, rubbing his skin on his clothes or sheets even. Needless to say, there are blisters and scabs all over his body. But that doesn’t stop him from being on of the most active kids here at Maria’s House. He loves people. When I come into the room, he tells me exactly where to sit and then hangs all over me until I leave. Today, he played with my hair for a solid hour. It was very beautiful when I left haha. He’s an incredible kid.

I got to see some of the most incredible things today at Maria’s House. True miracles. Too bad I can’t blog about them 🙂

Tomorrow I will be taking a list of children around and observing them to see which ones should be in kindergarten classes together. After that, I will be dividing the kids into groups of twos and threes and beginning two sessions of kindergarten per day starting on Tuesday. I’m really excited about that. It should be interesting and entertaining. I can’t wait to see how 3 year old Chinese kids compare with the 9th graders I have back home 🙂

We ate at a dumpling restaurant tonight and I’m fairly certain that what we ate was not pork. Ive eaten a lot of rice. That’s always a safe bet.

It was so good to skype with my family and friends this morning. I hope to see some more of you all soon!

Love from China!


6 Responses to “Blog titles are the hardest part”

  1. Carrie Hoover Says:

    I’m so glad you’re blogging about your time in China! I hope you can talk about the amazing miracles you’re witnessing once you are back home because I’m anxious to hear! I can’t believe how much Theo has grown and filled out…and his hair is getting thicker too!! He’s so precious and I can’t tell he’s happy to have you with him 🙂

  2. Morgan Minnich Says:

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I can’t believe how big Theo is getting! So glad you are getting to spend time with him. I love that I can keep up with you on here. Be safe, have fun, & stick to rice:)

  3. elizabeth franzke Says:

    that pic of you and theo is so flippin cute!!!

  4. Kathie Franzke Says:

    You know I’ll want a copy of that picture of you and Theo. I love it. At church I handed out all the cards in my purse…Rebekah Pewitt, Caroline’s grandparents, Wades, Allison Young, Miss Candy, Fran Butler, Jessica Winstead. All were very interested and appreciative of the cards. Can’t wait to skype again. I love you!!!

  5. Miranda Hickle Says:

    Theo looks great and your stories about him make me cry as usual!! Does the child with the skin condition have EB? Just curious…I have done a lot of research on that condition. Praying for you!!

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