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Things I will never get used to June 24, 2010

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The first time I came to Beijing, a little less than a year ago, I took pictures of absolutely everything. The billboards, the food, the menus at restaurants, the squatty toilets, seriously, everything. As I rode into the city today, I did not think once about pulling out my camera. Not that I’m a pro at this whole Chinese thing at all (the cab driver laughed at me everytime I attempted the language), but there are so many things here that don’t seem weird to me anymore. However, one thing I will never ever get used to is rooms full of children with no families. That shock does not go away. As I rocked a tiny baby to sleep tonight, I just stared at him in complete amazement. There are a million questions that run through my mind as I hold a small child whose tiny hand is wrapped tightly around around my finger. Why could your mother not keep you? What situation forced her to make this decision? How long will you be here? Will someone take you home? Why do families have to wait so long for an adoption to go through? Why can’t a 27 year old single from Nashville TN bring you home? I pray that the feelings I have whenever I walk into this place never change. If children with no homes is ever something that I can get used to, well then I guess the reality of it would be something to try to avoid (just like I try to avoid the squatty potties:)) As painful as this truth is in this country, it is something that can never be pushed into the back of my mind. I want my heart to ache every day for all of these children. I honestly don’t believe that I was Given this love for just a couple trips to China. I know there is a much bigger picture here, one that may take years to ever see a glimpse of. My prayer for myself is that every day for the next 6 weeks, I will never begin to see any of this as normal and that my responsibility in this will become more and more clear.

Now that I have covered a little insightfulness… I’ll fill you in on what the past 24 hours has looked like for me. I rode a bike into ‘the village’ last night. When I skyped with my mother, she was appalled that I was not wearing a helmet. I had honestly just expected her to be amazed that I could still ride a bike. I suffered some serious jetlag last night. Apparently the sun rises at 4 am here. That was no good. I went to the markets today and bought some fabulous prizes and now I’m getting ready to go out to eat with some of the summer interns here in Beijing. I’m pretty excited about eating b/c in the past 36 hours all I have eaten is a fiber bar, a bowl of rice and some princess gummy snacks (thank you, Caroline Greene). My stomach has been growling for 6 hours. I’m ready for some food.

Love from China!


7 Responses to “Things I will never get used to”

  1. Edee Orr Says:

    You look like you belong! I m there with you in my heart!
    Love you,

  2. Lindsay Says:

    It is so good to her your voice — are you back on with your phone? Are you getting BA email? Is this the best way to communicate with you? You gotta tell us — I just envision your dad dealing with your cell phone people:) Not much news from here — good to be home, still and boring for a few days — and yes, you missed Chili’s with Ryan and Rachel. I have found a new way to lose weight — you know I real like a crazy person — so I have been sitting outside to read — for hours — and I think I sweat off a pound ever 100 pages or so…seriously — I hope it isn’t a thousand degrees there — I know you are loving every minute of it:) I am heading to Knoxville this weekend for Jack’s baseball tournament…where it will likely be a thousand and two degrees… Love you — be safe

  3. Carrie Hoover Says:

    So glad you made it to China!! I’m praying for you and can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next 6 weeks! Keep blogging and post pictures 🙂 We love you!

  4. Darcie Says:

    Love reading your posts! Glad it’s going well so far! When’s the alone overnight train ride?

  5. Margo Walton Says:


    You might not remember me but I was at Maria’s Big House with a team from Florida in June. Before we headed to Maria’s Big House we were also at New Hope and I to fell in love with this little boy Dang Hui De (spelling ?). He was so beautiful and perfect. I prayed that one day an amazing family would love him and adopt them into their family. There were 3 babies that have a little piece of my heart. Him and a little girl named Dang Zi Wei and Charley on the 4th floor of Maria’s. I wish that my husband and I could adopt any of them. But we are not 30 we have been married for almost 7 years which I kind of feel like that should count for something but we have to wait at least 3 years for us both to be 30. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I had no idea that when I said yes to God in going to China that my life would forever change. I am praying that both my husband and I are able to go next year so that he can fall in love with China just like I did in 12 short days.

    With love,
    Margo Walton

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